The Traditional Crafts of India

No country in the whole world to be compared to India in regards of arts and various crafts. The Indian crafty enjoy a wide diversity, special attention to details, and most importantly some magnificent colors. Many travelers who tour India usually buy several traditional handcrafted goods to take back home as souvenirs or gifts or friends and beloved ones. Today we are exploring some of the most magnificent crafts of India.


Talented artisans of India can transform brass and copper into quite appealing trays, dishes, ashtrays, cups, and bowls. The fine metalwork of India can largely be found in the North towards Rajasthan. Tourists who travel to India are usually encouraged to buy such wonderful souvenirs.

There is also the famous Bidri works where the craftsmen inlay alloy of various wonderful designs into copper or perhaps silver to be of more value. The collection of Bidri products would include boxes to keep jeweler, ornamented dishes, and many several other items. These wonderful goods can a marvelous gift to give to your friends after spending a wonderful vacation in India.

In the Southern section of the country, it is the brass crafts which are quite dominant. This is where artisans still make statues of the Hindu gods in the old traditional method. A model of the statue is carved out of wax and then surrounded in clay. When the wax melts, the terracotta mould and then these are used to produce the brass statues. This is another wonderful souvenir to get while enjoying your holidays in India.

Handmade Carpets and Rugs

One of the most popular handcrafts of India is certainly the handmade carpets and rugs. The carpets of Kashmir, in particular, are famous all over the world for their wonderful tints and highest quality. Made out of wool, silk, or a mixture of both, a Kashmir rug is quite renowned among tourists who travel to India.

There are also the Dhurries which are considered an older type of handcrafted carpets. These are usually made out of wool and they are much cheaper than the Kashmir rugs. There are also the Tibetan rugs which are sold in many touristic cities commonly visited by enormous tourists who travel to India.

Leather Products

The leather products in India are usually quite good and often sold at very good prices. These products commonly are not made out of cow leather. In many cases, they are made out of camel leather. However, they are quite good in quality and very competitive prices. This is why several travelers who tour India buy leather products.

There is also the famous Jootis. These amazing colorful shoes are popular all over India. In Delhi for example, tourists who enjoy their vacations in India can find many shops that sell good Jootis for quite reasonable prices.


One of the most famous paintings of India is Thangkas, the religious paintings of the Tibetans that are usually wonderful pieces of art colored on pure silk. Although originating from the Tibet, these paintings are mass produced in many regions around the country.

Another famous type of Indian art is the Miniature paintings that are quite dominant in Rajasthan. Made out of cotton, silk, wool, or even paper, there are a touristic center welcoming travelers who spend their vacations in India that does not sell these wonderful paintings.